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ECARE Career Development Consulting Service
Personal Career Development Planning


The future can be daunting.

There comes a point in nearly everyone’s professional life when we’re left wondering how exactly we are going to go forward – what our next big career move is going to be and how we’re going to make it happen.

• Our skills need to be honed – we may need help learning how to better manage our time, or how to present ourselves properly during interviews.

• Career development at our current workplace might be slow due to growing demands from the company, redundancy of your tasks or treatment by our colleagues.

• Our current work-life balance and quality of life might be poor and we’re looking to change the direction of our careers.

It’s important, during times like these, to clearly define our career development goals.



Professional and Reliable

Experienced Team

The ECARE consulting team is comprised of experienced career development specialists and talent training specialists who have more than 10 years of experience in human resource management and talent development planning.

ECARE consulting team members have a strong industry background with many years of local American experience. As a majority of them were international students at one point as well, they are able to connect with each student and provide effective and efficient service and support.


Efficient, High-Quality Service

Personal Touch

ECARE has a wealth of industry resources and keeps itself updated on employment news through its wide network of companies. A one-stop support centre, we provide services ranging from consulting and recruitment to problem-solving in a timely and efficient manner.

The ECARE consulting team carefully studies each case, and after the consultation session, we send an exclusive advisory report along with a full set of suggestions and recommendations on what direction our candidates’ career path should take. In the following three months, we take the initiative to set up follow-up visits and provide support in order to ensure that our service has been effective.



Job Search

Personal status and actual needs analysis

Industry and Career Development Prospects

1 to 1 interview counselling

1 to 1 resume

optimization advice and counselling


Career Planning and Management

Career development planning

Analysis and Forecast of Career Development Trend

Determine the direction of personal development

Goal establishment and management


Competition and Promotion

Current working state analysis and evaluation

Competitive environment analysis

Competitor analysis

Potential promotion opportunities and limitations


Improve Employment Skills

Current Skills Analysis and Assessment

Analysis and Assessment of Potential Skill Requirement

The establishment and maintenance of core competence

Business social and communication skills


Career Opportunities

Job search skills

Internal recruitment

Analysis and Forecast of the Development Prospect Overseas

Internship and experience accumulation

Success Story

We believe in your success.
April LI

Management Accountant,

Mantra Group

Consulting Service: Career Planning and Management
Industry: Hospitality
Consulting Date: 2013 - 2016


Thanks to ECARE, I was able to understand how to properly view my career development problems. They taught me that there was no right or wrong answer, the key is to make the decision that takes you forward in line with your long-term development goals. I will continue to work hard and sincerely wish ECARE well in helping more confused and hesitant students like me.

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