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InfIuence Young Careers with ECARE 
Success cannot be measured in wealth, fame or power, but by whether you have made a positive difference for others.
Richard Branson
Be the driving force for graduates | Share your experience

The Ecare Professional Mentorship Program was designed by an idea that everyone needs a hand at times. We all know that the journey to success is never a straight forward one. Ecare Careers has developed an exclusive program designed to connect Industry Professionals with locally qualified international students. Our group of Professional Mentors are involved helping graduates in preparing for their careers through one on one coaching, group coaching and at our networking events.

Our Founder Eric Xu, has been a driving force in developing careers for international students for a number of years. In today’s market, many international students have the academic qualifications, however one of the major factors that affects the job market is that these students don’t have access to professional and experienced mentors within their industry to guide them and develop their skills.

If you consider yourself an expert in your industry and would like to make a real impact in someone’s career ,our Mentorship Program will give you the opportunity to share your experience, influence a new generation of professionals, additional income and many more benefits.



Fainaaz Ali

Director of Careers


Michael Phillips

Senior Mentor


Fainaaz possesses a strong background in both Public and Private sectors in Australia. Having started her career with the Federal Government, focusing on supporting people with barriers to employment, she gained the necessary experience and skills in case management, consulting, customer service and preparing thorough reports reinforced by government legislation and polices. Her recent experience is within agency Recruitment (permanent and bulk temporary recruitment) ,Human Resources and within the education industry.

IT | Technology | Engineering


An established leader in the technology sector, Michael has over 10 years solid industry experience. He is an advocate for the ever changing technology space and is a driven leader that focuses on developing people to pursue their passion. Michael has had the  pleasure of working alongside some very experienced leaders and have had some excellent mentors along the way.
Michael has partnered with Ecare Careers to help influence younger technology enthusiast establish their careers and achieve success through his guidance.


• HR Advisor at WorkForce Group
• Consultant at Hays


• Director, Solution Engineering at Salesforce

• Commercial Solution Engineering Manager, ANZ

• Lead Solution Engineer in Salesforce

• Senior Sales Engineer in

• Senior Solutions Consultant –

  Enterprise Market in Concur Technologies


Eric D

Senior Lecturer of Enterprise Intermediate Accounting BA/MA
Intermediate / Advanced Excel Course Senior Lecturer


Damian Martina

Senior Mentor


Eric has extensive working experience in the Australian Banking, Insurance and Government sectors, as well, he has good understanding for accounting practice and work processes of the large companies.

Eric has many years of Australian business experience, particularly, he has own unique insights about the Australian interview skills and resume design. Already successfully helped the number of ECARE students who have job-want or job-hopping demand to quickly and accurately find the ideal job. He is popular and be trusted by students.


• Working at the headquarters of the National Bank of Australia (NAB) as Senior Business Analyst
• Has worked for Australia’s largest health    insurance group Medibank
• Has worked at The Department of Health    of Australian Government


IT | Telecommunications | Cloud Computing

Damian is an accomplished executive-level sales professional offering 13 + years’ experience. He is truly commercial leader who has proven success in transforming organisations and developing young professionals in their desired industry.  Having worked across different industries including telecommunications, cloud, energy and IT, Damian is very results driven and uses his commercial mindset to help individual unleash their career potential.

If you are after a Mentor that encourages you and motivates you to develop your career further, then Damian Martina would be the best mentor to help you kick start your career.


• Chief Revenue Officer at BidEnergy

• BidEnergy

• Swinburne University of Technology


Prateek Pahwa


Josh Folghera

Senior Mentor


Prateek has a rich working experience in Australia’s large enterprise accounting company. He comprehensively understanding the accounting business about Sales and construction, especially for Australian management accounting, he makes a very in-depth study.
He works as an accountant in  NESA.
And he used to work as an assistant in Kymco Australia & New Zealand.

• CPA certification
• Company Accountant in

  National employment services associaton
• Accountant in 7 11 Food Stores

• Accounts assistant in

  Kymco Australia & New Zealand


Financial Planning | Super | Retirement |Investments


Josh is a hungry, dynamic finance industry professional. He is a driven entrepreneur who is passionate in providing knowledge and guidance to his clients on how they can make the most out of their investments and retirement. With a vast array of industry experience including:  Financial Analysis, Leadership and Initiative, Financial Planning, Sales and Business Development, Josh is one of our youngest mentors – who believes that working together equally is the best way to move your career forward. Josh is well within the current times and provides our students with traditional business acumen with a modern attitude.

Josh is a great Mentor for students who like to step away from the typical finance roles and understands the current demands of the finance market. He is passionate in developing people who are hungry and show they are professional and encourages personality.


• General Manager

• The Retirement and Investment Centre


Amy Liu

Senior Lecturer of Global Strategy and Leadership (CPA)


Leslie Dong

Senior Finance Lecturer / Internship Mentor


Amy is a senior auditor worked in a top local firm, she is familiar with the Australian industry’s accounting system and audit process because she accessed different kinds of industrial and economic Australian entities.

In the actual teaching process, Amy combines her own experience with syllabus, using much cases and thorough analysis, so that students not only study the accounting-related content but also Australia’s major industrial chain and business operations model.

• Australian Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
• Working in Australia Top 20 Accounting Firm     

  (Senior Auditor)
• Customers are mainly from Australia`s pillar industry,   

such as Mining, Banking and Retail, etc.



Leslie has almost 10 years experience in Australian banking industry, particularly, he knows deeply in financial field. As well, he is good at simplifying complex content through re-decomposition for ensuring each student can quickly understand the knowledge gained, which can make them easily deal with the similar issues at the future workplace.

At the same time, he has a lot of unique views on the development of financial career, and then he combines the content of the course with Australian career experiences to teaching, so that students get benefits.

• Australian Certified Financial Planner(CFP)

• Working on Australia’s famous large commercial bank

  (Senior Investment Analyst/manager)

• Has worked for many top financial companies,

 such as Commonwealth Bank, Mercer



Katherine Chen

Senior Lecturer of CPA /

Internship Mentor


Miya Sun

Senior Lecturer of

Enterprise Intermediate Accounting BA/MA



Katherine has a rich working experience in Australia’s large healthcare company. After graduating from Monash University, Katherine succeeded in getting many job offers from Australia’s famous companies. Skilful at financial accounting, meanwhile, she has a systematic understanding and research about multi-industry Australian business accounting system and knowledge structure.

Katherine has helped many ECARE students to easily pass the interview and solve work difficulties by virtue of her rich work and management experience. Praised in students.


Miya has a rich working experience in the world famous luxury group. She comprehensively understanding the accounting business about Sales, especially for cost control, general ledger analysis, financial statements, budget control, she makes a very in-depth study.

At present, there are many ECARE students successfully access to the Australian business internship or obtain trial opportunity under her guidance. Some students with excellent job performance have got successfully to stay at business.



• Australian Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

• The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

• Working at the world famous luxury group

  (Assistant Accounting Manager)

• Has worked at one of the largest Australia clothing retailers – Oxford shop

• Australian Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
• Working for one of the largest healthcare company         

(Senior Financial Accountant)
• Has worked for many large companies in Australia,

  such as Eurofins,Camp Austria, etc.

Kevin Huang

Senior Finance Lecturer


Kevin has more than 10 year’s investment bank experience. He currently serves as a Business Engagement Manager at Australia’s top management consulting company. Kevin started his career in JPMorgan Chase Central as Equity Analyst. Since then Athena explored the finance section in different companies including BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Canada, State Street.

With his own excellent investment bank experience, Kevin designed a set of effective teaching scheme for ECARE. The course content is clear, primary and secondary, which helps ECARE students learn in a short time to quickly grasp and master all of difficulties in the course.


• Australian Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)

• Working at the Australia’s top management consulting

  company as Business Engagement Manager

• Has worked for BNP Paribas (Project Manager)

• Has worked for Royal Bank of Canada (Senior Analyst)

• Has worked for JPMorgan Chase (Equity Analyst)

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