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Professional Recruitment Program

Program Overview

This program is for companies to recruit talented individuals


Our program is the first of its kind.

USA&CA | Australia| HongKong |China

Ecare Careers has established an extensive local network of graduates within the Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing and IT field, connecting companies to fresh, professional talent without the overpriced recruitment fees.

All of our candidates presented to companies are tested in their industry knowledge, communication and technical skills which ensures you get the best candidate.

Program Detail

We output talents.

Ecare Recruitment candidates posses:

1-2 years local experience in their field

Strong communication skills

Professional presentation

• System skills 

Tested through our Ecare recruitment team

Available to interview within 2 days

Talented Candidates

Further Information

As this is not a learning program and is separate to our Internships, companies are required to pay a flat fee of $2150 for each candidate.


Companies requiring more experienced candidates or specialist roles will incur a higher fee.

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