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Internship Q&A

1.What are the reasons that people undertake internships?

Accumulate work experience:

Employers seldom accept applicants with zero working experience.

Cultivate professional qualities:

An internship not only proves your capability in the professional field, but more importantly, it proves job accomplishment. Such as supervisory communication skills, fast-learning ability, interpersonal relationship building, ability to work under pressure, responsibility and dedication to work, etc. Unlike technical skills that can be well-trained in several lessons or taught in university, soft skills can only be cultivated over months or years of working. Thus, employers heavily value these seemingly trivial skills. These professional qualities help you better adopt job roles, easily assimilate into new teams and perform exceptionally well in the workplace. These are a few of the reasons firms are so willing to permanently hire candidates with some work experience. Your first internship provided through our excellent services at Ecare Careers is a springboard for better internships and jobs in global Fortune 500 companies.

2. What does a three-month internship in a North American local firm bring to you?

Get an internship retention and full-time job:

Undoubtedly, interns that exceed expectations will have the opportunity to get a retention or a return offer. An internship is the most effective method to get into your dream company.

Gold-plated, upgraded resume:

Having an internship experience at a local medium or large enterprise in North American is already solid evidence for your competence at work. Whether you decided to work in North America or back in your home country, this internship experience will help you to stand out from the thousands of resumes an HR team receives. You could easily exceed the interviewer’s expectations by answering every question using real-life cases from your past working experience.

Broaden your horizon and learn from your predecessors:

Mid-and-upper level managers are generally highly sophisticated and experienced in their fields. Some of them are partners of the Big Four, or have worked for Investment Bank on Wall Street, or senior consultation specialists in association. There is also a culture difference between North American companies and Asian companies where seniors in North American companies are approachable and willing to share their experience with novices or even take on a role as a mentor for you.

Master working skills:

You will be familiar with local culture and business English, which will also improve your daily workplace communication skill (a skill cited as a major weakness among International students).

Practice makes perfection:

Internships results in a consolidation and understanding of the theories learnt at school. You will receive optimised benefits and excellent outcomes when knowledge and practice are combined.

Room for ‘Error’:

The biggest tragedy in one’s life is to pursue a career that one does not like. You get a chance to find out the field you are passionate about or truly good at. Enterprises are generally more tolerant with intern’s mistake and allows interns the opportunity to try out different activities and duties. This is exceptionally beneficial to your future career pathway.

3. Why Ecare Careers?

Exclusive Career Information

Ecare Careers is the first and the only professional agent in North America that has first-hand employers’ information. Our local HR team will be working with employer’s HR teams to deliver applicant’s CV directly to the interviewer.

Authentic Employment Needs

Ecare Careers provides authentic employer information and guarantees that the employer is currently offering internship positions. We do not offer remote, online, simulated or any other fake internship positions. Meanwhile, some positions may also offer internship retention.

4. Does employer help with your OPT Extension?

If students have the need of OPT extension, Ecare will do our best to match students with companies that are provided with E-Verifying. If employers are not qualified with E-Verifying, Ecare team will give assistance for company to become an E-Verifying company. However, this does not guarantee the final decision of employers nor the visa results of students.

Note: Ecare Careers do not participate in any illegal or mendacious visa programmes.

5. Will your employer be your H1B sponsor?

If students have the need of H1B Sponsor, Ecare will do our best to match students with employers that are willing to be a H1B Sponsor. However, this does not guarantee the final visa outcome and students will need to negotiate with employers about this sponsorship on their own.

Note: Ecare Careers do not participate in any illegal or mendacious visa programmes.

6. What are the internship programmes that we are offering?

We offer internship in the following fields: Accounting, Finance, Data Science, Information Technology, Marketing, HR and Engineering.

*Please feel free to contact us for any questions.



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