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Course Overview

This course is an intensive course for the banking and finance industry

in North America.

The purpose of this course is to analyze the financial and banking industry of North America through classroom study and practical case analysis. By the end of the course, students will fully understand the contents of the typical American financial services industry in the real working environment . Students will also enhance their professional skills and their job competitiveness Financial Analysts and Financial Planners from four major banks in North America and Global Top 10 financial institutions will use the most advanced teaching philosophy and scientific teaching methods to connect with their industry experience and teach financial practice. Our course is specifically aimed towards first-time employees, focusing on possible problems they might encounter at work and how to tackle them effectively. We ensure our students will comprehensively understand the finance industry in the shortest possible time and be ready to move forward in their careers.

In a total of five parts, the course content covers the practical use of hard skills and communication and the exchange of soft power, according to the specific job. The first part looks at the American wealth management industry’s most important financial investment platform operation and investment advisory services. The second part focuses on fixed income custody; combining actual cases to provide a basic understanding of American investment services (daily work routine, industry insights, a typical business model in the industry, etc.) The third part will focus on company and government bond custody, building on the second part for a better understanding of the American investment business. The fourth part will use practical cases to introduce American advanced financial planning services. It covers practical strategies and customer communication skills. Centered around a real-life case study of one American’s major banking institutions, the last part showcases how financial institutions deal with operational risk control and compliance management. The whole curriculum has been structured from the perspective of the American financial industry professionals.

This course adopts the method of small class teaching, which mainly includes the topic discussion, the real case analysis and the simulation scene operation. It comprehensively enhances the student’s accounting practice force, their data analysis skills, their macroscopic control ability and the strategic management decision-making skills.

Sydney | Melbourne | Online


4 Hours * 5 Sessions

Banking and Finance Development Package:

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Course Structure

Session 1
– General operation of investment platform and investment advisory service

Session 2
– Custody – Fixed Interest and typical America Financial Services knowledge(organisations and working routine)

Session 3
– Custody – Managed Fund and Government Fund, America Financial Industry insights

Session 4
– Advanced Financial Planning essentials and Business communication strategies (based on case study)

Session 5

– Operation risk management and compliance within Financial orgarnisations

Course Cycle

5 weekends study, 20 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• Financial banking industry students or graduates with internship experience
• Has completed the finance junior Practical Skills Career Course, and wants to be proficient in industry operations to meet the higher demands of employers
• Job seekers who wish to move forward in their career

• Those who have experience in local financial work in America and wish to further enhance their professional skills

Investment Analyst | Portfolio Analyst | Financial Analyst/Advisor |

Senior Fund Administrator | Financial Planner

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