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Course Overview

This course is an intensive course for the banking and finance industry

in North America.

The purpose of this package is to analysis the specific functions of consulting and data analysis role in an American business practice through classroom learning and simulation. At the end of the course, students will combine the information and data of real companies to understand the skills required for a entry level consulting and data analyst role.

All the course are mentored by senior Consultant and senior Auditor in the big-four firm or big commercial company in North America. All the mentors have been in the industry more than five years, they focuses on cultivating students's critical skills, logical analysis skills, and summary reporting techniques. 


4 Hours * 4 Sessions

Sydney | Melbourne | Online

Management Consulting and Data Analysis Package:

Data Analysis+Financial Modelling+One Hour One-to-one Service

(Bonus: 50%off Workshop Voucher)


Save $300

Management Consulting and Data Analysis Premium Package:

Data Analysis+Financial Modelling+Excel Intermediate

(Bonus: One-to-one Service+50%off Workshop Voucher)


Save $600

Course Structure

Financial Modeling and Dashboard (4 Sessions)

• Advanced chart: What makes good/bad chart? Select the correct chart for your data, creating and formating high-impact charts for business

• Dynamic Reporting Techniques: using form control for interactive report, use data validation for interactive report, use excel formula Offsets, index/match, choose, indirect for dynamic data selection and manipulation

• Financial Model Designing, What makes a good or bad financial model Best Practice in Financial Modeling

• Evaluate Project feasibility with IRR, NPV and payback period

Course Cycle

4 weekends study, 16 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• A student or a graduate with a financial and banking industry or Data/IT background
• Working professionals who wish to enter the banking/finance/IT industry
• A person who lacks American local financial work experience but wants to work in American’s financial or banking or IT industry

Business Analyst | Reporting Analyst | Data Scientist | Quantitative Analyst | Product Analyst | Data Engineer | Graduate Consultant |

Junior Consultant | Junior Business Analyst | Junior Data Analyst | Finance Analyst | Marketing Analyst

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