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Be a Fully-Ready Candidate! Electrical Engineering Graduate Student's Sharing

“My major was Electrical Engineering, a very popular discipline with wide industrial application. I thought I can easily find a satisfying full-time job before. However, I came across huge difficulties after my graduation. Almost all the job descriptions relating to engineering requires at least two year working experience, even for junior and entry level positions. This is not an obstructive request for most of the students. But as an international students, I had only several unrelated internship experience, which is far way to the requirements of my target jobs. Some companies without experience requirements asked me to do the interview. But speaking is one of my disadvantages that I couldn’t well express my true thinking. So I didn’t receive satisfying job offer.

I even thought about leaving Canada back then. One day I saw Ecare’s information when I was searching at Indeed. I left my contact on its website and consultant approached me soon. During the phone call, she answered most of my doubts. And she said that our contract ends only when I receive satisfying internship offer. Also, if I want to go back to China, they can seek opportunities for me in China at the same time.

At the resume check, I understood that I need to do more improvement in my resume regarding to the content, gramma and format to highlight my strength. This meeting in an hour makes me be more confident about my self and the capability of Ecare team.

Based on my situation, Ecare found several companies that is available for interns to sign full-time contract after the internship period. Few days later, the assistant informed me that a local electrical firm has received my resume and provides me an interview opportunity. Although it is pretty far from the city and a student gave up the position because of this reason. From my perspective, this is how the industry works and I didn’t want to switch to other field like business or marketing.

Having more information about the company, Chole gave many suggestions to improve my resume and interview techniques. I almost wanted to give up at the first mock interview because I was so bad at expressing myself. Still, the mentor put herself into my shoes and guide me to keep talking. Finally, I finish the interview with the company’s manager. I was so nervous and I told the consultant my worries. She told me it should be fine and they will help me find another one if I cannot get a pass. Surprisingly, the HR called me the day after and said I successfully got the offer! Ecare’s consultant told me that apart from employers also value professional skills and attitude.

I have been working for the firm over a week now, I am so appreciated that my leader gave opportunities for me to learn in practice. I hope I can improve myself and get the full-time offer.

Through this experience, I’ve learned that international students should try more and gather more experience at the college time. Lastly, million thanks to Ecare for the support and guidance. ”



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