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Non-Related Major Student Received a Number of Job Offers from Global Finance Corporations

Student's Profile

Jerry, graduated from Civil Engineering in UNSW, is now studying for Master of Business Data Analysis


Ecare program: Ecare financial consulting and data analysis internship program Financial modelling practical courses, data analysis practical courses, Excel intermediate, Excel advanced, one-to-one resume check, mock interview; Australian famous company’s internship position / Chinese famous company’s job offer.

Relating Companies

Experience in Ecare

I signed up with Ecare since last year. As soon as I signed the contract, I was arranged shortly with Ecare teachers for my resume check and enhancement. I also had the chance to attend their practical courses and learn a lot of practical skills in workplace. I have been recommended a lot of relating internship positions based on my major and job intentions. Throughout the program I was provided with significant help regarding job-seeking techniques. After receiving the interview invitation, the Ecare team arranged a mock interview for me to help me with some interviewing skills. I think having accesses to a large number of high-quality employers was the biggest help I got from Ecare. These are great resources that I couldn’t access on my own. At the meantime Ecare also gave me a lot of real interview opportunities, so that I could have the chance to try it all over again.

Tips for Ecare students

The most important thing you need to do is to do some research on the company and the position. You need to clearly know about what this job is required for and what is the job responsibilities before applying. When doing an interview, the employer would have doubts on the relevance between their job requirement and your past experiences. My answer towards that was that my past internships experiences had trained me to get used to new things faster and to learn promptly, rather than simply provided me some knowledge in a certain field.

Another useful tip would be that don’t care too much about your lack of required experience but try to dig out the matching point between your own experiences and the job position. For instance, I have some practical experiences of secondary marketing, but I will not talk too much about this experience when having interviews with a primary marketing position, otherwise the employer would think that my major does not match their requirements. Then I will emphasize my internship experiences in the investment banks and my CPA results, as well as my relating financial knowledge. If the position requires experiences relating to data processing, then I will point out my master’s degree experiences, I won’t mention any of my non-relating experiences to the employer. During the interview the employer will possibly mention the part that you are not familiar with. Then you should state your strong willingness and ambition to study for the relating field.



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