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Student's Sharing | Accounting Job-Ready Course Improves your Career Starting Point

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

“Hi everyone, I’m Vicky. My bachelor degree is Economics at a university in Hong Kong. At the beginning of this year, I following my husband, a pHD student, moved to Canada. I got married few months after my graduation, so I didn’t have much formal working experience.

I started finding jobs after a month arriving at Toronto. Initially, I was not confident about my self because I lacked work experience and I was not familiar with the business environment here. However, according to the suggestion from my friends and those forums, working for Chinese employers is always least recommended. Therefore, I tried to send my resume to local firms. However, all the positions I successfully secured were administrative. My partner thought I could be more patient and find better job opportunity while I am young. I was so upset and even started to question myself whether getting married early was a wrong decision. After much thought, I considered that only improving my professional competency can help me get better professional jobs. I have started paying attention to career development institutions.

I saw the introduction of Ecare online, I talked to the consultant for nearly half an hour about my situation and struggling. She suggested that I can try to apply assistant accounting positions while taking accounting course. Back then, I was worried that there are few companies are available in Canada, the consultant listed several employers who were hiring and the success students in the past week. And most of the past students got the full-time offer after the internship. After two-day consideration, I applied for the professional accounting course.

My anxiety was eased tremendously after taking the course. I’ve got the contact of my teachers and mentors. Whenever I had confusion, they were very responsive and supportive. Meanwhile, I was told a lot about the industrial knowledge and learned practical skills using various systems with real-life examples. One week later the consultant called me that there’s a suitable job position for me. However, I thought I was not ready at that time. At the third week, Ecare informed me that a firm was hiring an assistant accountant. Though the job involved partial administrative tasks, the company was not far from my apartment. So I decided to give it a try. When I received interview invitation, I had a constructive mock interview with the HR mentor of Ecare. With this experience, I became more confident in the final interview that I was able to highlight my strengths effectively. More importantly, my skills meet the company’s requirement after the intensive learning.

Now, I have been working for two months and getting along with my colleagues. Meanwhile, I am still learning from the working practice and my manager have promised me that I am able to become full-time employee afterwards. Everything went well with the help from Ecare. Thanks again!”



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