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Canada | Fresh graduate share her thoughts on Job-Ready Package

“After sending our millions of my resumes for three months, I was on the edge of giving up.

When I first started my college life, I was unwilling to participate in any internship in my spare time, and failed to realize the importance of internships in finding me a job after graduation. It was until the last year of my college life that I made the first attempt of finding myself an internship. With zero experience, I applied million times on all kinds of platforms, including Co-op and uni-based ones, however, none of them succeeded. Only a few companies offered me an interview, which were all ended up in failure. The turning point appeared in the end of the third month of trying. Through the introduction of my senior, I learned about the institution Ecare Careers, then I contacted Sales Assistant 23 on Wechat intermediately.

With the help of a consultant’s analysis, I realized that my failure was largely because I had no professional internship experience in the first three years during my college. As a result, most companies are unlikely and unwilling to admit someone like me. Thus, I decided to enroll in Internship Programme provided by Ecare Careers. The sales assistant on Wechat has helped to build up a detailed personal plan. At the early stage of this program, I attended four classes concerning Financial Modeling and Dashboard, and Data Analysis to better meet certain hurdle requirements of my ideal internship opportunities. The sales assistant on Wechat has always followed up my progress, and keep efficiently modifying my internship plans to better suit my needs. Meanwhile, HR team started to contact employers and send out my resumes on my behalf. Within one week, I have received two interview invitation from local firms. The mentor at mock interview has also offered my great help. She effectively taught me some useful tips which later enabled me to success in my official interviews.

I have spent three incredibly delight internship in the host company. I was assigned to the auto team when entering the company. Our team leader was a very nice senior analyst. With his help, I have learned a lot of knowledge that was not taught in depth back in college, and was able to apply my into my practice. Although this time I did not get a return offer, but as my very first Internship, I have gained more than I could imagine. Thanks very much for all the efforts that Ecare had made. Due to their excellent job in customizing my own career path and considering guidance, I was finally able to have my first internship in Canada.



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