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Excellent accounting intern Alex gained a H1B Sponsorship within one week

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

This week we would like to share the successful experience of Alex, who got the tax accounting internship offer within two days, also got the permanent full time offer with H1B sponsorship within one week’s work.

"In order to start my career in the US, I have gained a lot of relating internship experiences during holidays in my undergraduates’ period. From logistics to AA and tax, I have gained much experiences from my previous internship positions. However, I knew that it was still very difficult for an accounting graduate to get H1B sponsorship from the employer.

It was only two months left before my OPT VISA expires, and I was very anxious. I was also worried that my employer wouldn’t write any reference letter for me so I couldn’t apply for many companies for job interviews. I was also very busy in my job at that moment, so I couldn’t spare too much energy in searching for other companies. Luckily, I met one of the Ecare secretaries, after a short conversation she told me there was a local middle-sized firm recruiting tax internship, the employer was willing to offer H1B sponsorship after transferring to a full-time position. Besides, according to the previous cases from Ecare, most of their students successfully received formal offers shortly after finishing their internship. Considering that it was the first time that I heard of a firm willing to offer H1B sponsorship when recruiting, I was willing to give it a try. Since that my working experiences was a competitive advantage, I signed up as a student in Ecare with confidence.

Based on my background, the Ecare team told me many details of available positions and situations of this firm. They also paid full attention to my application progress during the whole procedure. The resume teacher particularly tailored my resume to fit the firm’s target, and the mock interview teacher provided me lots of hints and tips for my formal interview. I took a leave on the interview day and my Ecare secretary even sent me a voice mail to encourage me. The whole interview went smoothly. Although I put very high expectations on it, I was not that nervous with full preparation and the help of Ecare team.

It was only two days after the interview when I got my formal offer of that firm. My career path has finally paved into the next stage. The employer found my working skills and potentials during interview and my working experiences, and he was very satisfied about me. In the next Thursday morning, he offered me a full-time job and promised to give me H1B sponsorship. No words could describe how thrilled I was. It was really really difficult yet lucky for me.

I hope everyone could find the employers that would appreciate your talent, and I would like to give thanks to Ecare team again and again.



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