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Excellent accounting student gained her position at a media company in Los Angeles

Lynn is our student in the US. She just received the accounting internship offer from a large-scale media agency in Los Angeles. The following is her sharing:

“As an oversea student majoring in accounting, even though I'm very interested in communication and media related industry, getting OPT by having a job relating to accounting was my primary goal. And it has became my biggest challenge. Comparing with all those imagination in college time, the reality appears to be more cruel. The famous accounting firms and big companies want experienced candidates or the interview process for fresh graduates are too time consuming. However, I was not reconciled to merely do basic administrative jobs in small firms with one or two members. When I was so frustrated, I learned about Ecare Careers at an international student forum.

I was very hesitated about the three-month unpaid internship. But as the career consultant's analysis shows, the main reason that I failed in finding jobs is that I don't have satisfying working experience in the US. Then I decided to take Ecare accounting job-ready course to help me getting out this loop.

The mentor is very nice and responsible. Based on my situation, she planned various scheme for me and told me what might happen in the following days. Also, the consultant answered my questions and follow up responsively through WeChat. Meanwhile, Ecare arranged one-to-one resume adjustment. It allows me to make progress step by step.

While everything was ready, Ecare team started contacting employers for me. All in sudden, many opportunities came out that surprised me. Before I got the interview invitation from this company, I've received two invitations. But working in this firm was my dream. Because I can have more knowledge about m while doing accounting. I was so excited and nervous after receiving the invitation. At the next day, the mentor conducted a mock interview for me, telling more information about the industry and requirement of this position. When I finish my final interview, Ecare approached to me and ask for the update. During the whole process, Ecare was not only my consultant but also worked as my partner who leads the way for me.

Successfully gained this internship is not rely on my solo. Ecare team has taken great effort on it, from the career planning to the interview guidance. Really great experience!



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