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Fresh graduate got her dream full-time job by gaining working experience in advance

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Student's Sharing

Position: Junior Consultant

Hi all, I firstly came to LA due to an exchange program that I participated when I am still studying for my undergraduate degree in a 211 university back in China. After my undergraduate, I came to LA for a master degree. I always liked LA for its lovely environment and cultural atmosphere, and dreamed to stay in the state even after my education finished. Like many others, I had been planning to find a suitable job. However, I was caught up in my studying all the time, and many resumes that I sent out had received no reply whatsoever. As a result, I became pretty anxious in my last semester.

When I learned about Ecare for the first time, I was rather hesitating regarding whether or not I should sign up for the internship program. I made multiple phone calls and talked a lot on Wechat with their sales assistant back and forth. In the end, under her recommendation, I chose to sign up for Consulting Job-Ready Program. This program has not only further strengthened my understanding of basic theories, but also improved my practical skills by offering me the opportunity to engage in case studies, in particular the use of Python. More importantly, I have learned more about the market need of consultants in US, especially in the west coast area. Under the guidance of my mentor, I was able to efficiently modify my career plan, and further clarified my own professional goal. During the resume check later, the mentor once again, helped me proofread and edited my resume to better showcase my strength. Luckily, after enrolling, Ecare soon located several potential employers, and sent out my resumes to them, considering my personal preference.

When the mentor from Ecare told me that I have been offered an internship through phone, I was so excited. I felt extremely satisfied for this internship to be my first step in developing my professional career. In particular, there was a lot of competition during the interview, each candidate had their own advantage and strength. Some of them even had work experience. To be able to have this internship opportunity, I have to thank Ecare for their help to a great extent. Especially, the mock interview provided by them. During the practice, I have learned many effective interview skills which was later utilized by me during the interview to better present myself to the employer. To sum up, with the help of Ecare, I have fully prepared myself for the coming professional life, built up my confidence and was able to find my dream internship in the end.

I had butterflies in my stomach when I first started my internship. Nevertheless, Job-Ready package provided by Ecare has helped to adjust myself fairly quickly and to have a clear understanding of professional requirements, which helped me to better meet the company’s standards. Meanwhile, co-workers at the company also offered me help and encouragement to enable me to adjust myself for fast-paced working life. Finally, half-way through my internship, I received a full-time job offer from the company. The whole process was surprisingly smooth.

As someone who has been through a phase of feeling lost, and finally found myself a dream job. I think the most important thing is to plan your career in advance, and to start gaining relevant job experience at an early stage. However, as an international student, there are many things that you have to find a way out on your own, which may slow you down and take a toll on you. This is exactly the reason why I decided to choose Ecare to help. Ecare as an experienced expert in this area has helped me to gain valuable experience and to build up my confidence. As a result, I finally found a satisfying full-time job.



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