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Graduates in Pittsburgh take the lead in getting international consulting internship

Student's Sharing

Internship Position: Data Analyst

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly, I just got my dream job in Data Analyst with the help of Ecare. It was an international consulting firm and the position started from this June. I have started searching for vacancies since a few months ago in order to get a proper job after my graduation in this year. I have tried many kinds of job searching techniques, such as career hubs from universities, job fairs, employment websites and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any suitable positions, because the job market was very tense throughout the entire America. The more times I spent in sending out my resumes, the more hopeless I felt for my future. I knew about some career training institutes and agencies, but I didn’t ask for their help to apply for those famous investment banks for me.

There was one time when I was chatting with one of my high school’s classmates, she recommended Ecare to me, saying that there were lots of available job positions and success cases posted every day, including jobs related to finance and data analyst that suit my interests. Then I started to give it a go. I added one of the Ecare secretaries and chatted with her about my current situations and my major concerns. I felt like the Ecare team was very practical and effective. After I sent my resume and transcripts to them, we had a very professional conversation regarding to my career experiences and future planning. I was informed that there were two local big-sized firms that have vacancies in related areas, either internship or full-time job positions. Then the Ecare team sent me a follow-up email including detailed course descriptions and course package information. The whole package services guaranteed to find an internship position that meets my satisfaction. I thought this course could be very helpful with my career, so I had some discussions with my parents and signed up for the career course.

I would like to mention that the Ecare team was very effective and professional. They managed the resume check and mock interview service appointments immediately as soon as I finished the payment. Then they also sent me the online courses of Data Analysis. I spared some time from my busy schedule to watch the online courses and had learned a lot professional knowledge. Thanks to the professional knowledge, I gained a lot confidence and behaved very well in my formal interview. After two rounds of formal interview, I was told that I get the offer. I couldn’t believe how simple it could be. With the help of Ecare team, I was finally able to get my dream job. Then I referred to the feedback email from their HR team, I was assessed as “has reasonable professional knowledge and qualified attitude.”

I went to the firm yesterday and signed the formal contract. Then I was finally relieved. I was very lucky to get my dream job in such a fierce job market, compared to those students graduating in the same year. Now I don’t need to worry about my OPT anymore. Thanks to the effective Ecare team, they are very nice people. I have already recommended them to my friends.

Hope every student in America will finally find their desired job shortly.



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