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Have just been in Australia for only Half Year! Now I’m working as an account receivable in an American owned company.

Hi, dear ECARE and everyone

I have just been in Australia for Half Year. And I do not have any local working experience or degree. No need to say I do not have PR at all. The study course in the university will start at the end of July. Before that, I enrolled in ECARE-Accounting for the elementary courses & AA courses. Instead of job hurting, I just want to get myself something to do at that time. However, to my surprise, all my classmates here are keen to find a job! The experience sharing is so encourage, and I finally made my decision to start my job hurting as well!

It takes me one month from my first CV to my final job offer. With the strong support of Eric, I sent my CV to 300 around positions, interview with 4 job agents, 4 employers at least. It was not an easy process, so I would like to share my experience with you:

1. ECARE courses and practice:

1.1 You must master MYOB. Try your best to understand all the knowledge in the class. Keep clear minds for logical thinking. Once confused, it would be good if you raise your question in the class. Practice right after the class is critical for me to remember. ECARE courses are quite professional, nice and easy to hands-on. If you learn well, there would be no need to seek any alternatives. And you will find key to your interviews.

1.2 Learning MYOB is not a hard job, but as you may know, if something easy to pick up, it would also easy to forget. You have to practice MYOB until you can master it! I suggest you click each buttons and sort out what it’s for. “Help” function is extremely useful in this case. In fact, I believe “help” function is useful in any software learning process. You might finally find that all independent functions are connected to each others. That would be the time you confident in MYOB.

1.3 You should always make your own notes from ECARE. Making summaries such as “what would be the typical day for AR” & “what would be job details” would be very useful.

1.4 Continuously review & practice is my key to the success. I was taking Fundamental course and AA course at the same time. You can imagine how much I just need to remember. When I go back home after class, I would always found I have forgotten some details… Go through & reorganize my own notes with practice at the same time helps me a lot. Mark everything you still not understand then ask ECARE Trainer on your next class. Once you understand, you’d better practice once more at home.

1.5 I made A4 size notes up to 18 pages, and review every two days. When I was interviewed with some details, I would answer them with confidence. For example, I can fluently repeat the “7 steps in debts collection process” that ERIC told us in the class as my daily jobs, because the whole process was” photo copied” in my mind just like a blueprint of a workflow chart. It was the review and practice that made success and confidence.

2. CV & Interview

2.1 Sending your CV to the job agents would be a good way to test your CV is attractive enough or not. If you can get the phone calls from them, your CV is ok.

2.2 At the beginning, try all channels you have to get the chance of interviews. It does not matter jobs are from Agent, Employer, or jobs are Part time/Fulltime/Casual … Once you get the chance of interview, you will push yourself to practice MYOB & INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Then you know what’s you need to improve. Well, Agent interview normally would be no more than 20 minutes. (I feel the Aussie Agent might not be Professional enough. What they need you to do is filling the registration form and then ask some common questions) But this is a good way to practice your interview skill anyway. Sometimes you may find you can finish the process “sending CV- get telephone interview- face to face interview” within one day…

2.3 To be honest, I think you can hardly find a job through Agent. I use to working as an Agent in China before, so I know employer would more prefer the candidate they found by themselves instead of through Agent. (Cost consideration)

2.4 Once you find you can fluently answer the questions by Agents, it’s the time you ready to face the employer. You should focus on the EMPLOYER’S JOB ADS now. You can try both Jobsite and Job Hubs in the University. Take the initiative is important. Try your best to “sale” yourself to the employer and win the chance of interview!! Be happy and keep your voice positive. (that’s my experience as Agent before, it’s a part of international communication)

2.5 Use your body language when face to face interview. If there are several interviewers, try to move your eyes between them instead of focusing only one of them. You should be good with your examples. Take your own notes with you and review when you need might helps.

3. Follow up after interview

3.1 I think there is no need to say “thanks you letter” is very important!

4. Other advice & suggestions

4.1 Preparing Examples for each Functions (AP/AR…) Examples should cover “High attention to details”, “Achievement”, ”Initiative” & “Difficulty”. Try to show off your excellent Excel skills to employer as well!!

4.2 Be familiar with ECARE’s INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. One of the employers I met before is using the same question list as ECARE… even in the same order… amazing.

4.3 Try to make sense for your working experience on your CV… Turnover/totals of Employee/Team size/Bad Debts Amount.

4.4 Do not be lazy. Win the job you deserve!!

Your positive attitude on job hurting will eventually lead you to your new life. You should always keep trying and make your dream come true!! Remember, never ever gives up and good luck!!




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