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How to stand out in millions of US Computer Science graduates

Hello everyone, I am Matt, and has finished my bachelor of CS in Boston. Currently I live in New York City and just got my H1B visa, also described as “specialty occupation” US visa. Although CS is known as an high-income profession which is also in great market need, with the increasing restriction imposed on recent visa policy, friends around me are all very worried about being unable to stay. Moreover, I was not graduated from top universities with rather basic undergraduate courses. It was no doubt that I will need to attend additional courses to eventuality find myself a suitable job.

Upon graduation, I have been trying to find jobs both in Boston and New York, and attended multiple interviews. Yet, only a small start-up company gave me a job offer. I was not a fan of that working environment at the very beginning. Additionally, I could see little way out of that particular job position. After all, I am a CS graduate, I figured that I could always find a better one soon.

Later when I look back on my job-searching experience, I came to the conclusion that both my professional skills and oral expression was no way near local students, or Indians. They were able to have a conversation with the interview filled with contents, yet I was just a normal student with an ordinary degree.

By coincidence, I saw Ecare online. Just in case, I left my email address and phone number on their website. The consultant soon made a call to gain a better understanding of my situation, and sent me may relevant course information. She also introduced several local companies both in Boston and New York to me which were recruiting interns at that time. I also learned that may former students were able to locate a official job offer upon finishing their internships. After careful considerations, I thought it my be a good way for me to both learn practical skills and to find a suitable internship to gain more working experience. Thus, I signed up for Data Analysis courses and 1v1 Mentorship Program. Soon, Ecare has helped me to arrange a resume check. After receiving the resume, the mentor took more than an hour to improve my resume with great details. Furthermore, while taking classes every week, Ecare has also constantly recommend me suitable internship positions.

Two weeks soon passed away, I received an online interview invitation from my current employer. Ecare has arranged me a mock interview where the mentor gave me detailed comments on all my answers, and offered me many useful tips.



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