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Student's Sharing | First life-changing internship in Canada

Student's Sharing

Position: Marketing Assistant

My name is Ann, I’m graduating my undergraduate degree of marketing this year. I was planning to conduct further study for a master’s degree, but my internship experience last year had completely changed my plan.

Last year before the summer vacation, I was searching internship opportunities on job searching websites. I had taken some part time jobs in restaurants and retail stores since my second year of university. In my final year I would like to have apply for jobs in proper workplaces this time. Although I really enjoyed working in retail stores, this part time job couldn’t provide any useful experience to make me competitive in the recruiting market. I decided to start with a proper internship to gain some professional experiences. When I first heard of Ecare, I thought it must be another small-sized Chinese firm, so I didn’t put much confidence in it. But I still kept contact with Ecare's consultant to look for more available opportunities. Afterall it was not a bad idea to shape up in the fierce recruiting market. We didn’t talk much at first, but when I saw the opportunities they posted every day, I started to believe in Ecare team. Luckily, they gave me a special offer that day, so I signed up for their internship course immediately.

Then we had some conversations about my current situation. I mentioned one media firm and their PR internship position; I was concerned that I couldn’t get the chance because I was an international student. The Ecare secretary reassured me that the employers are looking for introverted method in order to find qualified interns with higher efficiencies. There were also many employers who were satisfied with their interns and sent out job opportunities from different departments. There were quite a lot available positions in the recruiting market indeed, but many qualified firms would still find well-prepared candidates through referral or training institutes.

Before the formal interview started, the consultant provided me with more information of the firm and the internship position. She also encouraged me to do my best. Most of the interview questions were well prepared, so I was very confident about getting this job. A few days later I successfully received my offer. It felt amazed when hit at the first time, I would like to give thanks to the fully prepared process and my own achievement.

It was a delight for me during the 3-month internship time. There were lots of wonderful people in the firm, and the working culture was free and warm. I had chances to handle many projects, which was totally different from what I learnt from university. After I finished my internship, I kept in touch with my supervisor and colleagues, and I felt like my future had become clearer and broader.

Thanks to Ecare team and their helpful tips for my career. Hope other students will receive their desired offer very soon.



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