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Intermediate Accounting Practice Course
Assistant Accountant

Course Overview

This course is an essential course for company accounting

in North America.

The purpose of this course is to analyse the specific functions of an Accounting Assistant in an American business practice through classroom learning and simulation. At the end of this course, students will combine the information and data of real companies to understand all the skills required for an Accounting Assistant. Master the important skills and be confident in your role.

The course content is divided into five sections according to the job function. These sections cover the most commonly used accounting processes and the application of ERP software SAP. The first part uses the purchase and disposal of fixed assets as a starting point, and then goes into a preliminary understanding of the financial regulation and reporting process. The second and third part will use actual data, an in-depth study of account processing of assets and liabilities, reconciliation and monthly report. The fourth part will include an introductory tutorial to SAP to learn about the overall structure of SAP software, and an understanding of how to work with auditors. The last part is the introductory tutorial to SAP that will cover the overall structure of SAP software, to learn the most important functions through hands-on learning, and master data management and reporting capabilities.

This course adopts the method of small class teaching, mainly including topic discussion, real case analysis and simulation scene operation. It focuses on cultivating students’ critical thinking skills, logical analysis skills, and summary reporting techniques.


4 Hours * 5 Sessions

Corporate Intermediate Position (Large Company) Package:

Fundamental+AA+Intermediate EXCEL+SAP for General Accounting

(Bonus:One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)


Save $800

Corporate Intermediate Position (Small&Medium-sized Company) Package:

Fundamental+AA+Intermediate EXCEL

(Bonus:One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)


Save $400

Elite from Oversea Package:

AA + Intermediate EXCEL + SAP for General Accounting

 (Bonus: Resume Polish-up+ Workshop Voucher)


Save $600

Summer Career Preparation Package:

Fundamental+AA+Intermediate EXCEL

 (Bonus: One-to-one Service + Workshop Voucher)


Save $400

Course Structure

From classroom to office.

Session 1
– Fixed Assets: Addition, disposal, transfer, reconciliation and reporting

Session 2
– Asset Accounts: Journal processing and month-end reporting, balance sheet reconciliation and variance clearance

Session 3
– Liability Accounts: Journal processing and month-end reporting, balance sheet reconciliation and variance clearance

Session 4
– Foreign exchange gain and loss, Intercompany transaction, Profit & Loss Analysis, Cash flow planning, assist internal and external auditing

Session 5

– Introduction to SAP ERP R/3, Navigation, Transaction, Data management and reporting

Course Cycle

5 weekends study, 20 hours in total


Course Taught By

Experienced Industry Experts

Further Information

The course is designed for

• Who is seeking to move forward in their career
• Undergraduate student or graduate student with work experience
• Junior level practitioners with one year work experience
• New immigrants wish to work as an assistant manager in Australian companies

• Those who have some exposure to Australian accounting, but lack work experience

Assistant Accountant | Accounts Assistant | Senior Bookkeeper

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