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Course Overview

This course is a high-level upgrade course for tax accounting

in North America.

The purpose of this course is to analyse the Tax Accountant’s key tasks in corporate affairs through classroom learning and simulation operations to ensure that students are fully aware of the two most common taxes on American tax accounting after completing the course: Fringe Benefit Tax Welfare tax) and Company Income Tax. The actual tax treatment of large and medium-sized companies involves a large number of complex tax calculation formulas and methods.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel hiring, most enterprises expect employees to have prior knowledge of practical techniques of taxation. Students have discovered that the theories they learnt in school fall short of the knowledge required at the workplace. So ECARE’s industry senior tax accountants designed a tax practical course that will: provide a simulated working environment, provide real tax cases and data, and explain the company’s tax accounting practice. The course will help you further enhance the tax deal with skills and strengthen job competitiveness so that you can be confident and at ease when you go in for a job interview.

This course adopts the method of small class teaching, which mainly includes the topic discussion, real case analysis and simulation scene operation. It comprehensively enhances the students’ accounting practice force, data analysis ability, macro control ability and strategic management decision making ability.


4 Hours * 4 Sessions

Corporate Accountant Development Package:

Advanced TAX+EXCEL Advanced+SAP for All-rounder+Two-hour One-to-one Service

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Curriculum Structure

From classroom to office.

Session 1 & session 2
– Employment Return is prepared for prepayment
– How to guide AP clerk to correctly account for employee costs and other employment-related reimbursement
– Transactions, adjustments, and tax exemption mechanisms appropriate to Employment regulations
– 50 real-time scenarios detailing Employment calculation method
– Fill out FBT Return returns and company Employment tax planning

Session 3 & session 4
– Pre-preparation of accounts for income tax returns
– Revenue adjustment of corporate income tax
– 50 real-time scenarios detailing the calculation of corporate income tax
– Business income tax journal and income tax expenses are stated in instalments
– Deferred tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities are highly effective
– Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the corporate income tax return process

Course Cycle

4 weekends study, 16 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• Tax/Accounting students equipped with solid knowledge or previous internship experience
• Has attended ECARE’s Practical Career Skills Course and would like to be proficient in tax operations
• Seeking to move forward in an accounting career
• New immigrants who wish to gain experience in tax accounting in American companies

• Students or graduates with work experience

Assistant Tax Accountant | Tax Accountant | Tax Analyst |

Tax Consultant | Tax Associate

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