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Advanced Practice Course
Business Analyst & Management Accountant

Course Overview

This course is a high-level upgrade course for corporate accounting

in North America.

The purpose of this course is to systematically analyse the key tasks of a Business Analyst and a Management Accountant in American corporate affairs through classroom learning and simulation operations. At the end of the course, learners will fully understand the accounting budget, cost control, financial analysis and strategic decision-making. The course also enhances the learners’ professional skills and strengthens the job competitiveness for the workplace.

In a total of four parts, the course content covers the practical use of hard skills and communication and the exchange of soft power, according to the specific job. The first part is the inventory analysis of the purchase and sale process related to the financial analysis and accounting; a preliminary understanding of procurement and sales of financial processing and gross profit analysis through the study set SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and other accounts. The second part is the inventory control and regulation, (COGS) and other inventory-related subjects to analyse the impact of inventory on the balance sheet and the income statement. The third part is financial cost management and cost-benefit analysis; the production and sales costs of the budget management; the preparation of the balance sheet and cash flow statement budget; and to perform a cost-benefit analysis. The last part will be to learn to establish a financial model, cost and budget differences analysis, and to prepare to make strategic management decisions.

The whole curriculum structure, from the Australian local enterprises BA / MA perspective, combined with lecturers’ many years of experience in the workplace, the dialysis of the actual work problems, and the audience, penetrate workplace communication and interpersonal skills of learners to ensure that both hard skills and soft power are developed.

This course adopts the method of small class teaching, which mainly includes the topic discussion, the real case analysis and the simulation scene operation. It comprehensively enhances the students’ accounting practice force, data analysis ability, macro control ability and strategic management decision making ability.

Sydney | Melbourne | Online


4 Hours * 4 Sessions

Corporate Accountant Development Package:

Advanced BA/MA+EXCEL Advanced+SAP for BA/MA+Two-hour One-to-one Service

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Curriculum Structure

From classroom to office.

Session 1
– Financial analysis of inventory purchase and sales process

Session 2
– Inventory and COGS Control and its impact on balance sheet

Session 3
– Prepare financial budgeting and cost – benefit analysis

Session 4
–  Financial modelling, and strategic decision making

Course Cycle

4 weekends study, 16 hours in total


Further Information

The course is designed for

• BA/MA student with internship experience
• Seeking promotion in the workplace
• New immigrants who wish to gain experience in management accounting or financial analysis in American companies
• Students or graduates with previous working experience

• With entry-level Australian accounting experience – planning to engage in management accounting or financial analysis of the work of intermediate accounting staff

Financial Management Accountant | Cost Accountant |

Senior Financial Accountant | Finance Analyst | Business Analyst

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